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“If you change the way you look at things… the things you look at change!”

‘A Mindful Moment’ – Image taken by Steve B… participant on the Mindfulness Level 1 Programme

“Thank you for the classes… it has succeeded in reigniting me to my practice… both mindful and spiritual.”


Mindfulness… fundamentally… embraces a way of being that heightens our awareness of self, others and the world around us… enabling us to take control of our mind therefore taking control of our life. This awareness develops primarily from focusing our attention in a way that is particular, sustained and three-fold: 1. In the moment… 2. On purpose… & 3. Without judgement. The cultivation of familiar foundational attitudes is inextricably necessary to produce the transformational quality and ultimate benefits in our Mindful life. Compassion… curiosity… and acceptance are three such attitudes that enables us to respond to adverse events, emotions or thoughts we experience with more ease, less reactivity and outcomes that align with our true values.

Most of us live our lives on auto-pilot… meaning no human operator at the control. In other words life is happening but we are not fully aware therefore not in control. Very rarely in the moment experiencing what is actually present… right here… right now… we often miss the simple joy of the present moment expecting it to happen at some point in the future. But if we are unable to be present now how are we going to be present then. It is rehearsing the future that creates most of our worry and stress… and the rehashing and regrets of the past that underpin depression. When we learn to focus our attention on the present moment… with kindness and without judgement… we alleviate stress, worry, depression and anxiety as well as intense emotions such as anger, guilt and shame… leading to an increase in clarity, peace and contentment engendering a way of life that is fulfilling… of our choosing… & in our control.

The programmes below have been designed to deliver the fundamentals of Mindfulness through theory, practices and techniques; any participant fully engaging in the programme and embracing the core principles will embark on a Mindfulness journey that is ultimately life-empowering… life-changing… and life-long.

Whilst commencing or cultivating your Mindfulness journey please feel free to use the Guided Meditation Audio Tracks further below to give you opportunity for Mindfulness moments in your day.

“Fantastic course… would love to do more sessions… the trainer was excellent.”

“This is a rewarding programme, specifically mentally… Helen’s patience & kindness are honestly breath-taking.”

Do you find yourself racing around mentally & physically but not always sure why?

Do you sometimes or often feel irritated, frustrated, deflated, fatigued, uncertain, unfocused and/or demotivated?

Do you want to discover the importance of your emotions & the powerful role they play in governing your life… both in helpful & unhelpful ways?

Do you want to gain understanding of how your mind works so you can gain power to change ‘your world’?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions this programme is for you. You will be introduced to a foundational understanding of Mindfulness, develop practices and learn techniques that will alleviate worry, stress & suffering and enable you to start taking better control of your life & your future. This is the first step to becoming ‘Master of your Mind’ and ‘Decider of your Destiny!’

This programme comes as a 90-minutes Introductory session with a follow-up of six 90-minutes sessions run at a duration of one per week.

Really enjoyable course… helps that the facilitator is so knowledgeable… passionate… authentic… & infectious!”

The Mindfulness Level 2 Programme is for those who have completed the Level 1 programme and are fully embracing a Mindfulness life. The emphasis of the programme is on the continued development and strengthening of self. New practices and techniques are introduced with a focus on a deeper awareness of self for identification and reinforcement of the inner power to cope with life’s adversities so our joy, peace and personal power remain.

This workshop comes as four 1-hour sessions run at a duration of one per week.

“Helen has been an inspiring influence as I continue my Mindfulness journey… she has given me what I need to become the best version of myself.”

“This has been the most positive thing I’ve done in a long time… the facilitator was excellent. Brilliant!”

The Motivational & Mindfulness for Work Workshop is a programme preparing people to cultivate their career. It consists of 4 3-hour sessions delivered at 1 session per week over 4 weeks. The first element of the programme utilises motivational enhancement techniques to help you understand the mechanisms of and enhance your motivation for change. The second element concentrates on Mindfulness to help you understand your habits of mind and how to become your best self. Both elements of the programme will enable you to effectively break down barriers, enhance your self-esteem & self-confidence, build your resilience and focus your attention so you can make the right choices towards achieving your career goals; whether that is improving or learning new skills through training or voluntary work, starting a degree or applying for employment that fulfils your capabilities and dreams.

Each week addresses a different aspect of the process of motivating you for change… through presentation and completion of worksheets… to the development of knowledge and practice in Mindfulness to keep you focused and help you understand and combat what creates stress and resistance. The Workshop is then followed by 2 1-1 sessions per participant to address any other unresolved issues and a monthly experiential Mindfulness group to continue and reinforce practice as well as offer space to explore currently occurring issues.

“Attending this presentation is the best decision I’ve made all year.”

This Introductory presentation gives a rudimentary understanding of the theory and practice of Mindfulness. It is delivered as the initial session in preparation for the Mindfulness Level 1 Programme or can be offered as a stand-alone session to assist in garnering interest.

Participants will be introduced to the concepts and benefits of Mindfulness as well as the various practices and techniques fundamental to this significantly empowering and simplistic way of being.

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