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We are all creatures of habits… Mindfulness is the power to choose which habits to be a creature of!”

M L Helen Raphael BSc, MSc, MBACP

Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Facilitator & Motivational Speaker



I would like to invite you to watch this one minute video introducing you to who I am and what I do. After watching if you would like to know more click on the link  ‘About Me‘ where you can read (or listen to) my personal & professional bios… and learn more about the services HABITS offers. Alternatively you can click on ‘Contact Me‘ to request a call or to book a FREE 50 minute consultation.

Further down the page you have the opportunity to read testimonials from those who have benefitted from or experienced HABITS’ services… & to watch a video of me delivering a presentation on behalf of the London South Bank University entitled ‘Breaking Bad Habits‘.

Whatever your spiritual persuasion… present or absent… I pray this is the beginning of a truly transformational journey and a remarkable life-long experience for you or someone you are concerned for.

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Helen first became known to Hexagon via her interest in developing a business aimed at helping others. Her idea was to build upon her own private and professional experience to deliver a range of services to individuals, families and organisations, including motivational workshops, psychotherapy and training programmes. It soon became apparent to all who met her that Helen was committed to her cause, passionate about helping others and brought some unique insights to her work.

Partly arising from this Helen later ran a motivational workshop at a Hexagon Residents’ Day. It soon became apparent that Helen brought something very special to the room and the enthusiastic chatter at the tea break was testament to the impact she had made on the people who attended.

So impressed were we that we asked Helen to attend our staff conference to address our own staff. Helen talked to staff about her own journey and how she came to work with our Community Investment Team to further develop her business. As always Helen was engaging, warm, inspiring and professional in equal measure.

Helen has gone on to do several other pieces of work with Hexagon including speaking at a Hexagon sponsored Black History Month event and running a Mindfulness course for our staff. Again her warmth and professionalism shone through at both these events.

Helen is an amazing character and she has been an inspiration to many including many of us here at Hexagon. She has a real gift that allows her to connect with people in an authentic and accessible manner. It is not everyone that can harness their spirit and energy to help motivate people to understand that they really can take control of their lives. Helen has that gift which has meant that she is held in high esteem by the many people here that she has worked with.

Tom McCormack

Chief Executive, Hexagon Housing Association

I was initially sceptical about Therapy, assuming it was something for damaged or disturbed people, but Helen immediately demystified this for me.

After receiving my schema result I was instantly sold on the idea of therapy and completed a series of over 20 sessions which has completely changed my life, my mindset and overall attitude about myself and others. Helen’s ability to get to put you at ease, allowed me to open up in ways I’ve never done before – I am more accepting and less judgemental of myself which has a knock on effect on the work I do and the experiences I encounter.

I’ve always had a love and thirst for life and personal development and exposing myself to therapy has given me an even more positive outlook on life.

Tendai Chagweda

Managing Director, Quest 4 Success

I first met Helen in 2009 and was impressed with her abilities as a practitioner and therapist.

Helen’s expertise is working in particular with dual diagnosis. She has demonstrated this in her training of other frontline clinicians in the field of dual diagnosis in this organisation for over a 3-year period. She also had an active caseload in working with other teams and supporting them in their work in these areas.

My experience of Helen is her commitment and passion for her work in seeing the whole part of the person in their recovery. She has the skills of supporting the client holistically through skilled interventions. She does this with care and attention recognising each person’s individual needs. Through her own experience she has excellent insight and therapeutic understanding in the works she undertakes where the gifts of passion and genuineness show through.

Justin O'Brien

Clinical Risk Advisor; Cognitive Analytical Therapist, SW London & St. George's MH NHS Trust

The purpose of this brief correspondence is to communicate my wholehearted professional endorsement of Ms. Helen Raphael. I would highly recommend her as a therapist and would support any organization or individual to seek her services. I worked with Helen while she was employed at DARA Thailand; she was a focal counselor and I was the Director of Clinical Operations. I found her to be compassionate, insightful and skilled as a clinician. She was always willing to go the “extra mile” with her clients and was a strong advocate for their and the programs overall well being.

Helen has a warm and engaging personality that lends itself to trust, and a sense of safety. I think she was especially effective with some of the more difficult clients.

She continues to work to improve her clinical skills and seems very committed to her career and her family. I would not hesitate to hire her again if the situation presented itself.

Any client and/or organization would be lucky to have her be part of their support network.

Roland Williams

Consultant, Author & Teacher, Roland Williams Consulting

Helen Raphael delivered a thoroughly engaging and motivational talk entitled “Breaking Bad Habits” for LSBU graduates. She is clearly an expert in the subject of habit formations and mental processes, striking an impressive balance between scientific principles and practical advice for guests. I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees. Thank you Helen.
Rishi Chopra

Senior Alumni Relations Officer, London South Bank University

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